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WEEX Token

WEEX Token

WXT is the native token introduced by WEEX Global, operating on the ERC-20 standard protocol. Designed as a cornerstone of the WEEX ecosystem, WXT serves as a dynamic incentive mechanism, rewarding partners, contributors, pioneers, and active members of the WEEX exchange community.


WXT Unlock progress
weex Coming Soon
Exclusive to affiliates,
with ultra-low subscription fee Apply Now!
Coming Soon
weex Coming Soon
Ribbon Cutting
New users exclusive opportunities to claim WXT
weex Coming Soon
Trader's Carnival
Trade and earn WXT

Benefits for WXT Holders

Referral Bonus Coming Soon
Hold WXT to enjoy higher commission rates
Became a VIP Coming Soon
Hold a certain quantity of WXT to enjoy exclusive WEEX VIP privileges
Hold to Earn Interest Coming Soon
Earn additional interest and rewards
Kickstarter Coming Soon
Hold WXT to share celebrity tokens
Listing Voting Party Coming Soon
Vote for your favorite projects to be listed on WEEX

WXT Issuance Information

Token Name WEEX Token
Token Symbol WXT
Chain Ethereum(ERC20)
Contract Address 0x1B66474c8ECA3827f16202907F41F63785579716
Issue Price $0.01
Total Supply 10,000,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply 2,539,000,000 tokens
Registration Date 2023.08.01

WXT Distribution and Release

WXT Ecosystem
2 Billion WXT
2% released annually, fully released in 10 years
WEEX Protection Fund
2.5 billion WXT
Accidental Insurance Reserve Fund, allocated for platform incident compensation
Partner Ecosystem Fund
1.5 Billion WXT
3% released annually
Team Incentives
1.5 Billion WXT
1.5% released annually
Brand Promotion
1.5 Billion WXT
1.5% released annually
User Acquisition Campaign
1 billion WXT
1% released annually
WXT Audit Report

WXT Audit Report

The audit report is conducted by BEOSIN, a leading Web3.0 smart contract audit firm, covering aspects such as WXT smart contract code, network security, risk management, etc. The results are secure and reliable.